Agnesi Spaghetti 100% Durum Wheat 500gm


Unique Slow Drying Process which maintains the Nutritional Value and rich flavour.
High Protein Content, a sign of High Quality Pasta.

Even till today, Agnesi expresses the same values that have made them famous throughout the world. QUALITY Agnesi is a high quality pasta with a thin layer’s thickness, a typical characteristic from Liguria region in the North West of Italy. This feature is the ideal match with pesto, one of the most appreciated Italian pasta sauces worldwide. Agnesi guarantees a fair amount of proteins and a shorter cooking time compared to other types of pasta from southern Italy. SLOW DRYING The Unique Recipe is Agnesi’s legacy. Slow drying, following genuine traditions keeps the pasta’s nutritional value, the full, rich flavour of the grain and perfect resistance in cooking.

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