Arroz Cebolla Rice 1kg


Spanish Cebolla Paella rice is a medium grain rice grown near the town of Sollana, in the Albufera Nature Reserve. A perfect grain for paella and arroz con leche.

Arroz (Spain) Imported from Sollana Valencia Spain Arroz Cebolla Rice is a short great medium absorbent rice perfect for the beginner paella cook! Cebolla rice requires less stock than the Bomba rice, however still produces a fantastic traditional paella. Every country has a dish that unites its people. Or, just as often, divides them. In Spain, that dish is paella. Paella isn’t difficult to make, but it’s amazing how often it gets bungled in restaurants. Cebolla Spanish rice is rounded and short; it absorbs liquid very well, and it stays relatively firm during cooking. Those qualities make it ideal for paella, where the rice grains absorb flavor from the liquid; the rice should be dry and separate when done, not creamy like risotto. The most appreciated variety of Spanish rice is cebolla. Country of origin: Spain.

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