Epigamia Origins Toned Milk 1ltr


No Preservatives

strengthened with vitamin a and vitamin d, our toned milk is the perfect addition to your daily dairy needs. native to India, toned milk is a variant of the dairy staple that’s been homogenized resulting in lesser fat content and fewer calories. It’s perfect to be added in with your early morning beverages (we’re partial to coffee!), to your cereal or any other recipe of your choosing. in this epigamia origins carton, you’ll find goodness with every pour.

What’s Origins?

we’ve been around long enough for you to count on us when it comes to all things fresh, yum & healthy. for our next chapter, we knew we had to go back to quality basics. after all, great nutrition begins with fresh ingredients. epigamia origins are our range of simple, fresh, and 100% real dairy produce. still fresh and healthy, but super tasty.


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