Hugo Reitzel Sliced Gherkins Bread & Butter Chips 520gm


100% Vegetarian

Hugo Reitzel products are prepared and produced in Aigle, in the canton of Vaud. Gherkins, capers, baby corn. Over the years, Reitzel has become a recognised specialist in the production of these delicious condiments.When it comes to pickles, the possibilities are endless! And, above all, they’re perfect for every occasion.Hugo Reitzel brings to you a range of food items that will not only satiate your taste buds but will also kill your hunger prangs. The brand brings to you delicious food items, such as chips, French cornichons, mustard, gherkins (a variety of cucumber) and others. Packed with the best of ingredients, these are fresh and delicious. Enjoy this tasty gherkins recipe alongside grilled meat, added into sauces, or use them to add crunchy flavor and bold texture in your dishes. The Hugo Reitzel Gherkins from the family of cucumbers are healthy sides for any food, preserved in herbs pickled in brine & vinegar.This Gherkins brings a fresh and crunchy taste to your kitchen. This product can be used in a variety of ways to tingle your taste buds. You can eat these gherkins on their own or add them to your sandwiches. You can also enjoy them with various sauces or dips for a unique taste. These Sliced gherkins are packed using latest technology to preserve their freshness and flavor. It is great on salads, wraps & rolls, & burgers.

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