Karma Kettle Istanbul Green Tea With Apple-Berriees-Rose-Loose Leaf 75g -Green Tea


Turkish apple tea

“Turkish Apple Tea- Enjoy The Flavors Of A Turkish Apple Tea
Contains No Added Sugar- So You Can Enjoy The Real Flavours Of The Tea, Add Sugar As Per Your Preferance
Glowing Skin- Drinking Green Tea With Apple And Berries Regularly Will Give Your Skin A Hydrated Healthy Glow
Speciality Tea Blend- Handcrafted By Our In House Blenders, This Blend Is Unique In The Way That We Produce Batches”

-Assam Green tea, Hibiscus flower, Lemon Balm Leaf, Strawberry Fruit freeze dried bits, Apple Fruit dried and Rose Petals

How to use
-1 Teaspoon – 100°C Temperature – 4-5 Mins – Milk NO