Yummiez Chicken Pepper & Herb Salami 250gm


Chicken Food
Country Of Origin:India

Promising a tantalising meal for you, cook and supply the Yummiez Chicken Pepper Salami that has 100% natural ingredients. Prepared from cheese and onion, chicken, this ready-to-cook salami is highly nutritious. Use it like cold cuts in sandwiches and salads or roll it in a roti for a remove meal.

Sliced, cured and tossed with fine black pepper and herb. The flavour of zesty pepper and the goodness of protein is the best way to supplement your everyday breakfast, and the most energetic start you can give your day.

Chicken meat (69%), Water (23%), Black pepper, Iodised Salt, Modified Tapioca Starch, Parsley, Phosphates And Sodium Caseinate.

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